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Welcome to William Watts

I am the head of William Watts meanswear

Maya Stoltz

Hi, I’m Maya. I’ve spent my career working overseas helping women in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Pakistan. By far, the biggest opportunity I see to improve women’s lives is to provide high-paying jobs. These can be few and far between in rural areas–which is why I created William Watts, a menswear line that gives women opportunities to dramatically improve their lives.

William Watts ties, bowties, and pocketsquares are handmade by women in Afghanistan out of Burqua fabric, a beautiful and symbolic material. We pay the women who hand-make the ties half the retail price of the tie, which can help them afford healthcare and education opportunities that would otherwise be impossible.

Our Burqa ties are the first product in what I hope to be a series of menswear made from symbolic fabrics from all over the globe, benefitting women in many different countries.

Our kickstarter campaign has started. You can purchase a tie, a bowtie, or a pocket square, or donate to get a great cause off the ground.


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